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Real world brooklyn whose dating

But then, at Arcadia the food does not allow itself to be ignored. A decade ago, their names were on the cognoscenti’s lips, their unlisted phone numbers eagerly sought by yuppies determined to sample beggar’s purses and roast chicken.Interesting sidenote: Bateman goes to a place called “Barcadia” in the film. ) Replaced by: Steak Frites How To Secure A Reservation: I wouldn’t worry too much History: Though it was important enough to merit one of my favorite quotes, I can find only find two mentions of Espace online: an ad in a 1989 issue of New York Magazine (“Romance your Valentine in the intimacy of our new, stylish French bistro”), and a follow up article mentioning its demise in 1993. 62nd & 63rd – entrance on 63rd) Status: Gone Replaced by: Park Avenue [insert current season here] (a restaurant whose menu changes by the season) How To Secure A Reservation: Might need Patrick Bateman on this one History: The only mention I could find of Hubert’s (don’t pronounce the T! The excitement created by their restaurants — the Quilted Giraffe, Huberts… 5th & 6th Aves) Status: Gone Replaced by: Alta How To Secure A Reservation: Not hard, but frequently packed History: Opened in 1982, Texarkana was a Cajun-Louisiana-style restaurant that quickly grew to hip prominence.Flutie claimed in an interview with Time that this was his way of “planting a foot in New York City.I’ve always been known as a Boston athlete, and this is one way I could become a New Yorker.” Other than the occasional mention of it as a celebrity hot spot, I couldn’t find anything else on it (other than a big gay protest that went down in 1990 due to a “straights only” policy). It’s hard to imagine the hippest of hip New Yorkers going down to the South Street Seaport for a party venue. Fifth & Madison) Status: Gone (1984 – 1998) Replaced by: Amaranth Restaurant How To Secure A Reservation: Four empty tables at lunch time suggest you should be OK History: I honestly couldn’t hope to write anything as unbelievably eloquent as the NY Times’ 1994 review of Arcadia, which says it all: Arcadia is lovely at dinner, but at lunchtime it is almost magical.One wonders if they couldn’t get the rights to the Arcadia name. ) was a 1997 NY Times article wondering about the disappearance of the restaurant stars of the 1980’s: “Barry Wine. “Restaurant mania has again gripped New York, but this time it is more restrained: diners are more discriminating: they expect value for their money.” Though I’ve never eaten there, Park Avenue NYC, Hubert’s replacement, is very well reviewed, and changes menus and decor by the season. According to the 1983 NY Times restaurant review, “Regulars know they must wait until 9 or if they want meaty, flavorful suckling pig that turns on a spit in the big open fireplace…” And as for the clientelle: “whether dressed in expensive, fashionable sweaters or in more gussied-up supper-club outfits, regulars have in common a taste for high-style Gulf Coast specialties prepared under the direction of Abe de la Houssaye.” Unlike the hollow, cavernous space depicted in the movie, Texarkana had “walls painted almost exactly the creamy coral color of the restaurant’s pungent crawfish etouffe, …reminiscent of the sort of Creole courtyard found in the French Quarter of New Orleans.” Address: 1 Hanover Square Status: Closed, re-opened How To Secure A Reservation: Call ahead History: According to legend, Harry Poulakakos came from Greece to New York City in 1954 hoping to get a job with a wealthy American uncle, only to discover the uncle actually worked as a counterman in a coffee shop.

After working his way up the ranks to management, he opened Harry’s in 1972 in the historic India House building (once home to the NY Cotton Exchange, the first commodities market in the US), which quickly became a Wall Street institution.The restaurant is small and cozy, the walls wrapped in a woodsy mural by Paul Davis that defines the space as a place where time does not count.When you walk out of the sunlight into this gracious flower-filled room, you leave the real world behind…But everybody’s attention was riveted on a table in the middle of the room where a short man and a tall woman sat nibbling each other’s fingers, oblivious to everything but themselves…Well, almost everything: they did pay attention to their food.

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